Cisco Talos has discovered a new menace to iPhone users—a sophisticated malware campaign targeting iPhones to trick users into downloading an open-source Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that gives the hackers control of the phone. It is reported that Cisco and Apple are working together to combat the threat.

According to reports, once the MDM

Courts are often faced with the dilemma of applying centuries, or even decades, old law to constantly evolving technological advancements.  See, e.g., Transcript of Oral Argument, United States v. Microsoft, No. 17-2 (U.S. Feb. 27, 2018) (attempting to ascertain the relationship between the Stored Communications Act, a 1986 law, and modern cloud computing

In a precedential ruling, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals this week upheld a lower court’s ruling holding a criminal defendant in contempt for refusing to decrypt two external hard drives that were seized during a child pornography investigation.

During the investigation, the government seized the defendants’ property, including two iPhones, a MacBook Pro and

For decades, it has been assumed that MacBook and iPhone devices are hack proof and virus free. Their advertisements and claims for being indestructible were never questioned. Yet, nothing is truly immune to intrusion.

Consumers pay a high premium for the slick and glossy Apple devices. Their superior brand has continued to sell and grow throughout the years. With each new release or upgrade, their developers have patched up security holes and weaknesses while managing to stay under the radar.

Apple products in the business world take up less than 4 percent, therefore they are less of a target for  hackers to attack. Why develop a code for malware or a virus for a product that has such a small market share? Creating a Trojan virus that thrives in Windows code and spreads around a network of similar devices, is much more effective than attacking a lone device. 
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Apple has issued an urgent warning to iPhone users about a crucial iOS update that is the only way to protect iPhones from “the extremely malicious Pegasus software.”

According to Apple, Pegasus can completely take over an iPhone and only 86 percent of iPhone users have updated their phones by installing the iOS version 9.3.5.