When you start needing longer arms to read restaurant menus in the candlelight, you might consider downloading a flashlight app to use with your reading glasses.

But before you download it, first be aware that your iPhone or Android have flashlights automatically installed. If you download a flashlight app, just be aware of what data that flashlight app is collecting.

Some flashlight apps ask for access to your location based services, your contacts, your photos, your camera and the microphone. Do you want the app developers to have access to all of that data just so you can read that menu?

Some flashlight apps also may request your permission to install other apps and make your ability to uninstall the app difficult.

As an individual, read the privacy policy of the app, including the flashlight app before you automatically click “I agree.” Be aware of what data you are giving the app developers, including the flashlight app and make an educated decision on whether your use of the app is worth sharing all of your data.