Once again, Apple is leading the pack on privacy and implementing new privacy controls, starting next week. What does this mean for you?

If you are an iPhone user, you will start seeing more pop-ups from apps asking you for permission to collect your data. Apple is requiring apps that it believes are collecting our data and using it to track our browsing habits across apps and websites so they know what we like and can build very detailed profiles of us to first obtain our permission to do so.

Starting next week, if you get a pop-up while using an app that specifically asks for your permission to collect your data, don’t just click on it and say, “I agree.” READ WHAT IT SAYS, and only then make an informed decision about whether you want that app to collect your data, share it, aggregate it, and track you. Apple is providing a service to educate you on which apps are collecting your data and tracking you, so take advantage of the service, be informed, and make an educated decision.

In addition, via a new menu in a phone’s Privacy settings, iPhone users will have the ability to opt-out of tracking by all apps on their phone or pick and choose among apps to allow permission to track, just like when you choose to allow apps to have access to your microphone, camera, and location.

There is a reason Apple is implementing these new features – Apple is assisting consumers with protecting their privacy. Follow Apple’s lead and read and understand what the app is collecting and tracking before you click “I agree.”