This week, both Apple and Microsoft issued patches to fix serious zero-day vulnerabilities that should be applied as soon as possible. That means that if you have an iPhone or iPad, you may want to plug your phone or iPad in and apply the newest iOS 15.0.2, which is what I just did as I was writing this post.

 The Apple vulnerability (CVE-2021-30883) is actively being used by threat actors against iPhone and iPad users to attempt to install malware and steal data, so click on that software update sooner rather than later. It only takes a few minutes.

On its Patch Tuesday earlier this week, Microsoft issued patches for over 80 vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system, including Windows 11 and other products. Three of the patches were deemed critical, which means that exploitation of the vulnerabilities could allow the threat actor to take over control of systems remotely. For more information about the patches, and a designation of their criticality or importance, click here.