As more and more drones enter the skies, more and more companies are seeking qualified drone pilots to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for their business. Skyward, a drone operations management platform, has now released “Pilot Finder,” an easy way for companies to find qualified UAS pilots who also meet certain job requirements. Pilot Finder’s database includes information on each operator, including:

  • Areas of expertise and services provided;
  • Total and historical flight hours;
  • Qualifications, licenses, exemption, and certificates (e.g. Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate or sport’s license); and
  • Insurance coverage and service area.

Pilot Finder can be used for a one-time flight or to hire a flight tester for a drone manufacturer. Skyward CEO, Jonathan Evans, says, “Skyward supports commercial operations for companies at every stage and size, and our goal is to always help our clients eliminate inefficiencies and headaches.” The new Pilot Finder will help to connect companies with qualified drone pilots and simplify the process of running a drone operation. Check out more about Pilot Finder here.