This past weekend, Scottsdale, Arizona police used new drone detection technology at the Waste Management Phoenix Open to keep attendees (and players) safe. Sergeant Ben Hoster said, “Drones are becoming so inexpensive and so popular, we are getting ahead of this technology,” by linking up with Dedrone (an anti-drone solutions company) and Aerial Armor (a security solutions for drone intrusions business). The Scottsdale police use a device that is nothing more than a box with antennas to detect when a drone pops up. The device detects the drones usage and a message is sent to officers in the area to look for the drone and find the operator. The data collected by the device is analyzed by software which then sends out an alert to officers (or security staff at an event like the Waste Management Phoenix Open) of the unauthorized drone. Sergeant Hoster said, “Drones at an event like [the Waste Management Phoenix Open] could hurt or inure people, if it were to crash or cause panic to a large crowd.” Drone detection technology like this is on the rise by police departments across the country. As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continues to revise and create new regulations in this area, the FAA plans to look to state and local police to help monitor the skies in this manner, and drone detection technology will certainly be on the forefront.