The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a friendly holiday warning for those who choose to purchase a drone this year for the holidays: fly it safely. The FAA released a new video summarizing the rules and regulations that each drone operator must follow to ensure safe flights. The video tells drone operators to register their drones at before they fly it outdoors (and if you are flying your drone under the model aircraft rules, you will receive one identification number that will apply to all your drones, if you choose to buy more than one this holiday season). The FAA’s video also advises drone operators:

  • Not to fly their drones over people;
  • Respect other people’s privacy when operating your drone;
  • Not to fly their drones in restricted airspace (such as airports or other “No Drone Zones”); and
  • To check the FAA’s B4UFLY smartphone app to keep up-to-date on the latest information about airspace restrictions in the area where you want to fly your drone.

To check out the new FAA video click here.