We previously reported that model aircraft hobbyist John Taylor filed suit against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) challenging the requirement to register with the FAA in order to fly his model aircraft near his home. On June 14, 2016, Mr. Taylor filed his appeal to the DC Court of Appeals to “order the FAA to permanently destroy the recreational model aircraft registry and refund registration moneys received.”

Mr. Taylor alleges that the FAA issued the Registration and Marking Requirements for Small Unmanned Aircraft on December 16, 2015, without proper notice and comment, and requested the federal district court to review the issuance. He has further requested review of the FAA’s advisory circular that states that model aircraft must not operate in the DC Special Flight Rules Area, which encompasses a 30 mile radius from Reagan National Airport and review of the establishment of a task force to determine the best approach to registering model aircraft. According to Mr. Taylor, the FAA has “declared the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and beyond, to be a ‘no drone zone…”

According to Mr. Taylor’s brief, the drone registration requirements “apply to all model aircraft, regardless of size….They apply to a child playing with a small flying toy a few feet off the ground in the family’s back yard.”

We will continue to watch this case, and the challenge to the FAA’s drone registration requirements closely and continue to report on developments as they unfold.