As if the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wasn’t getting enough flak for its recent drone regulations, now it is considering a separate rule for “microdrones.” Microdrones are those drones weighing less than 4.4 pounds and are made of “frangible materials,” meaning that these drones would break on impact and in effect, pose less of a safety threat.

The FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Committee will have until April 1, 2016, to “pursue a flexible, performance-based regulatory framework that addresses potential hazards.” Additionally, by April 1st the Committee will issue a final report regarding the operation of microdrones over individuals not participating in their operation and underneath a “covered structure.” The Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary said, “We recognize the significant industry interest in expanding commercial access to the National Airspace System. The short deadline [for the Committee] reinforces our commitment to a flexible regulatory approach that can accommodate innovation while maintaining today’s high levels of safety.” We will keep you posted.