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Beware of PureLocker Ransomware

Security researchers Intezer and IBM X-Force have identified a new ransomware that is seriously vicious. It’s PureLocker—named because it is programmed in PureBasic language, which is apparently unusual. The scary thing about this ransomware being written in PureBasic programming language is that it can target different platforms and is transferable between different operating systems, including … Continue Reading

Twenty-three Texas Municipalities Crushed by Coordinated Ransomware Attack

We have definitely seen an uptick in the number of ransomware attacks against municipalities around the country. Thus far, the attacks have been against single cities, towns, and court systems, and recently against a Louisiana school system. The pace and coordination of these attacks have magnified, as evidenced by the coordinated and simultaneous ransomware attacks this … Continue Reading

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center hit by ransomware and pays ransom to restore EMR

Many have predicted that health care providers will continue to be targeted by hackers in the next few years. To illustrate the point, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has been hit hard by a ransomware attack. According to the Medical Center, its electronic medical record system has been offline for almost two weeks as a result … Continue Reading