Cyber adversaries in China and Russia continue to be a formidable threat to U.S. based companies. In the past, scams might be detected because a word was misspelled or the context didn’t make sense. Now, with the help of young Western hackers, cyber adversaries in Russia will be able to use insider knowledge of language and behavioral customs to develop and deploy campaigns against U.S. companies.

In a 60 Minutes segment aired this week, the federal government and cybersecurity specialists outline how they are seeing a new threat from Scattered Spider, a coalition of foreign and domestic hackers. As a result of this coalition, it is suspected (and logical) that attacks, including ransomware attacks, will become more frequent and costlier.

The segment is scary, yet informative. The prediction of increased and more costly attacks is disheartening. Nonetheless, it is worth watching to stay abreast of new cyber threats.