Security researcher Chris Vickery has confirmed that web-monitoring data from the Department of Defense (DOD) was exposed through Amazon Web Services by the way the DOD configured access by authorized users. According to Vickery, anyone with a free AWS account had access to the DOD information, which included 1.8 billion internet posts that had been

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (Florida Blue) has announced that 475 applications for insurance were backed up to the cloud, on an unsecured cloud server, by an unaffiliated agent of Real Time Health Quotes, and exposed the personal information of 939 individuals.

The data that was backed up to the unsecured cloud server included

We often comment how no industry is immune from data breaches. That would include educational institutions and their vendors, as this story reminds us.

Schoolzilla, a student data warehouse platform based in California was alerted by security researcher Chris Vickery this month that while he was scanning the Internet for Amazon S3 buckets, (which is a misconfiguration in Amazon cloud storage devices), he came across a storage device that included a database that contained the personal information, including some Social Security numbers and test scores of 1.3 million K-12 students in the United States.
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Military personnel continue to be victimized by data breaches. This time, the personal information of healthcare workers employed by Potomac Healthcare Solutions (Potomac), who work for a U.S. Special Operations Command were exposed. The Potomac healthcare workers travel to provide Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets and Rangers, Delta Force members, and Air Force and Marine