Military personnel continue to be victimized by data breaches. This time, the personal information of healthcare workers employed by Potomac Healthcare Solutions (Potomac), who work for a U.S. Special Operations Command were exposed. The Potomac healthcare workers travel to provide Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets and Rangers, Delta Force members, and Air Force and Marine commandos with healthcare services. Significantly, the exposed information included unit assignments and posting dating back to 1998, which compromised job site locations of these highly trained operatives.

The unsecured data was found by security researcher Chris Vickery using an Internet of Things search engine. The information, including the names, addresses, email addresses, salaries, security clearances and Social Security numbers of the doctors, nurses and mental health workers was located by Vickery on the Internet. Reports state that it happened when Potomac IT personnel misconfigured a data back-up, exposing the data on the web.