My newest hero in the fight against ransomware is Little Red Door Cancer Services of East Central Indiana (Little Red Door). I am sending a donation to it to celebrate its courage in the last few weeks.

Little Red Door is a small not-for-profit agency in Indiana devoted to help cancer victims during their treatment, recovery and end of life. Its mission is to help people suffering with cancer.

On January 11, 2017, TheDarkOverlord attacked Little Red Door with ransomware and demanded a payment of 50 Bitcoin (approximately $43,000) for return of the data. If the ransom wasn’t paid, the threat was that confidential information would be disclosed to the public.
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In the continuing saga of health care entities being targeted by hackers, 21st Century Oncology (21st Century) located in Fort Meyers, Florida, late last week began notifying up to 2.2 million current and former patients about a hacking incident that compromised their names, Social Security numbers, insurance information and diagnostic information. In a