In the continuing saga of health care entities being targeted by hackers, 21st Century Oncology (21st Century) located in Fort Meyers, Florida, late last week began notifying up to 2.2 million current and former patients about a hacking incident that compromised their names, Social Security numbers, insurance information and diagnostic information. In a regulatory filing, the company indicated that the information may have been copied and transferred.

21st Century operates 145 centers in 17 states in the United States and 36 centers in Latin America. The company has confirmed that patients resided in all 50 states.

It was notified by the FBI in November 2015, that it may have suffered a data breach and requested that notification be delayed during the investigation of the intrusion. The intrusion dates back to October 3, 2015.

21st Century is offering one year of credit protection services to the affected patients. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are already “investigating.”