Wow! It’s hard to believe this blog marks the 400th Privacy Tip since I started writing many years ago. I hope the tips have been helpful over the years and that you have been able to share them with others to spread the word. 

I thought it would be fun to pick 10 (ok—technically, a few more than 10) Privacy Tips and re-publish them (in case you missed them) in honor of our 400th Privacy Tip milestone. We have published tips that are relevant to the hot issues of the time, but some are time-honored. It was really hard to pick, but here they are:

Privacy Tip #380—Tips + Tools for Protecting Online Privacy

Privacy Tip #375—Online Privacy Protection

Privacy Tip #340—Smishing Scams Reminder

Privacy Tip #305—Vishing, Smishing, and Now Qrishing!

Privacy Tip #250—Beware of Vishing 

Privacy Tip #314—Got a Genetic Testing Kit for Christmas? Read This Before You Send in That Swab

Privacy Tip #216 Another Caution about Biometric Data

Privacy Tip #176 Sharing Your Genetic Information With Private Companies

Privacy Tip #293—Location, Location, Location-Based Services

Privacy Tip #281—Preparing for Cyber Warfare: A Survival List

Privacy Tip #372—Personal Preparedness for Massive Cyber-Attack

Privacy Tip #207—Digital Assets

Privacy Tip #202—Check the Privacy Settings on Your Phone Frequently

Privacy Tip #178—Check and Set (and check and re-check Your Privacy Settings

Privacy Tip #189—Online Dating

Privacy Tip #179—Your Children’s Online Activity

Privacy Tip #140—Your Cellphone Location is Being Sold and Leaked

I had fun re-reading these and other posts—hope you do too. Here’s to the next 400!