Biometric information is unique to each of us, including our fingerprints, voice, face, iris, and DNA. We can’t replace our biometric data like we can a credit card. If it is compromised, it is compromised forever. It is uber sensitive.

Yet, many people give it away without a second thought. Luckily, there are privacy advocates who are watching out to protect us. Last week, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), which I am a huge fan of, requested that the Federal Trade Commission investigate HireVue Inc. because it allegedly uses facial recognition technology, biometric data and “secret” algorithms to determine the “employability” of candidates.

According to EPIC, “Because these algorithms are secret—even to HireVue itself, in some cases—it is impossible for job candidates to know how their personal data is being used or to consent to such uses…HireVue’s intrusive collection and secret analysis of biometric data thus causes substantial privacy harms to job candidates.”

EPIC is requesting that the FTC stop HireVue’s scoring of job applicants and change the company’s business practices. It also is requesting that HireVue make its algorithm public for evaluation.

Think twice before allowing recruiting or other services to collect and use your biometric information.