This week is National Consumer Protection Week. Based on the recent statistics published by the FTC on online, digital, and voice scamming, consumers sorely need more help protecting themselves from scams.

The FTC provides great tools to consumers to prevent them from becoming the scam victims. This week, the FTC issued several consumer alerts and tips that are designed to assist consumers with education on the newest scams, how to prevent becoming a victim, and the ability to identify and then report a scam. is an excellent resource for consumers to stay on top of scams, get educated, and share tips with those around them. These tips are available all year long—not just during National Consumer Protection Week.

We continue to hear terrible stories of consumers becoming victims of online scams, and the statistics get worse year after year. Take advantage of the free tools provided by the FTC, become a scam prevention evangelist, and help everyone around you from becoming a victim.