Slow down when adopting and using Artificial Technology tools (AI). There are a number of issues that have been presented in literature regarding the use of AI tools, one of which centers around ethical concerns. When exploring the use of AI, methods used to explore the use of social media platforms, allowing technology companies to track you through cookies, sharing your camera, voice, and location are still relevant in assessing the risk of using AI technology.

Start researching how the use of AI technology can affect you or your employer so you stay up to speed on the risks. This will be a benefit to both you and your employer.

We have provided some resources to start researching the capabilities and risks of AI technology and will continue to provide resources to our readers. This week, take a look at this blog by Cem Dilmegani, Generative AI Ethics: Top 6 Concerns, this blog by Harry Guinness, or this article by VentureBeat.

We will continue to provide resources on AI to assist our readers with evaluating its use, both personally and professionally.