As if health care entities don’t have enough to worry about  during this chaotic and difficult time in the pandemic, a new report released by Cynerio, entitled “The State of IoMT Device Security 2022,” provides a list of medical devices that are considered Internet of Things, and therefore dubbed Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) that pose risks to patient care.

IV pumps pose the highest risk. According to the report, “a whopping 73% of those IV pumps have a vulnerability that would jeopardize patient safety, data confidentiality or service availability if it were to be exploited by an adversary.”

Another dire statistic is that “More than half of connected medical and other IoT devices in hospitals have a known critical vulnerability….A third of bedside health care IoT devices, the devices closest to patient care that patients most depend on for optimal health outcomes, have an identified critical risk.”

According to the report, there are measures health care entities can take to address these risks, including quarantine and segmentation. The report provides a robust discussion on IoMT now and in the future.