There are billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices out there in the world and this number will only grow. I’ve written before about smart light bulbs and smart security cameras and it’s no secret that I am fascinated by IoT technology. When I came across the Mozilla *privacy not included guide, I knew I had to share this website.

The guide includes several “smart” products for home and office and provides brief summaries of any relevant and available information related to the privacy of a particular product. The purpose of the guide is to share information regarding the privacy and data collection practices for the 136 smart products listed on the website. Clicking on a particular product on the website will provide a summary of the product’s data collection and privacy policies. Users are also able to rate products along a “creepiness” scale.

The standards that the guide uses include: whether a product uses encryption, automatic security updates, requires strong passwords, whether it has a system to manage vulnerabilities, and whether the privacy policy is accessible. According to the website, a new feature of the guide includes warning labels on certain products that consumers should “think twice about before buying.” Items marked with a yellow triangle icon with an exclamation point include the following: “warning: *privacy not included with this product.” The website includes additional information and answers questions about whether a product can snoop on you, whether an email address is required to sign up, and what personal data the device collects; all important things to know before you connect that smart product that you may be buying.