The predictions set forth in Experian’s Seventh Annual Data Breach Industry Forecast make sense and are worth a read. We are starting to see these types of intrusions and scams, and our experience is that once these types of attacks work, they increase exponentially.

Hackers continue to get more sophisticated and seem to always be one step ahead of us. Staying on top of new scams and tricks by these fraudsters can help companies determine how to budget for security and best educate their employees.

Experian’s Forecast states that “Legal departments can expect their companies to face new cyber threats in the form of deep fakes and phishing.” In addition, consumers will continue to be targeted by criminals.

Experian’s five predictions include:

  • Cybercriminals will use “smishing” identity theft techniques to target consumers with fraudulent messages.
  • Drones will be used to steal consumer data from devices connected to unsecure Wi-Fi systems below.
  • Cybercriminals will use “deepfake” video and audio technology to create geo-political confusion among nation states and disruption to financial markets.
  • Cannabis, cryptocurrency and environmental organizations will be targeted by hacktivists.
  • There will be a “significant spike” in identity theft as cyber criminals “seek to exploit the convenience of point-of-sale transactions, especially at large venues like concert festivals and sporting events.”

Just another day at the office. The first takeaway is to use cash to buy concessions next year at concerts and sporting events. The second is to pay attention to Experian’s predictions, as they have been on target over the years and sometimes seem to have a crystal ball. Take a look at the report so you can get an idea of what we are facing next year.