The State of California is once again leading the way with trying to keep up with technology and protecting consumers. Senate Bill 327 requires Internet of Things (IoT) developers to implement “reasonable security features” in IoT products, such as baby monitors, televisions, automobiles, home appliances, fitness monitors, home security systems, and the like.

This is the first IoT security bill in the country, and it is designed to make IoT product developers think about, and include security features in IoT products in response to recent hacking incidents (e.g., a fish aquarium, baby monitors, cars, home security systems). The reasonable security measures include making sure that passwords are not easy to obtain to allow intruders access to IoT devices.

The law requires developers to implement reasonable security measures that are appropriate to guard against intrusions, based upon the function of the device, what type of data it collects and transmits, and to protect the device and the data contained on it from unauthorized access, destruction, modification, use or disclosure.

The law, if signed by Governor Jerry Brown by September 30 will go into effect in January 2020.