It used to be anecdotal that hackers can change the integrity of data in a bank account or steal your money if they get into the electronic system. I have heard many credible accounts of intrusions into systems where the intruders are able to change the integrity of the data—that means that if the balance says $100, and a hacker is able to get into the system and change that $100 to $90, your balance was just reduced by $10. You may notice and you may not. But what if the integrity of the balance goes from $100 to $0? If the balance is wiped out without a trace, how will you be able to prove what that balance actually was?

The electronic heists of cryptocurrency [see related post], and now funds in banks in Mexico, Chile, Bangladesh, and Canada fuel my conviction that I will continue to request printed paper bank statements. My tip for the week is to print your bank statements every month. Paper is still good evidence.