The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a scam alert this week notifying consumers that it has received an up-tick in complaints that scammers are calling consumers claiming they are from the Social Security Administration.

The scammers tell the individual that there has been a computer problem at the Social Security Administration and that they need to confirm the individual’s Social Security numbers.

 The FTC warns consumers to never give their Social Security number over the phone to anyone they don’t know. The Social Security Administration asks consumers to contact it directly in the event that a person is contacted by someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration on its Fraud Hotline—1-800-269-0271.

The FTC states to never trust a name or number as these scammers are able to make it look like they are calling from Washington, D.C., when in fact they are using technology to make it look that way but may be calling from anywhere in the world.

Scammers have also set up fake websites to look like legitimate websites for people to apply for a new Social Security card. These websites ask individuals to input their personal information, and then the scammers steal the information. According to the FTC, check the website to make sure that it is and does not re-direct you to another site.

Scammers continue to try creative ways to dupe consumers into providing their personal information to them. They continue to be successful, taking advantage of honest and innocent people. These warnings are helpful to remind us all to protect our personal information from theft.