Security researchers at Check Point discovered software vulnerabilities in LG IoT devices which allowed them to potentially gain control over LG refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and a live feed from a robot vacuum cleaner. A vulnerability in the mobil app and cloud app allowed them to remotely gain access to LG IoT devices with just an email address for authentication.

If one is able to remotely access these appliances, they can turn them on or off and access individuals’ information stores on the IoT devices. According to the researchers, if hackers are able to hack into individual IoT devices, they can also hack into networks of these devices, which potentially means millions of home appliances. Shutting on ovens or shutting off refrigerators, or having access to home designs through vacuum cleaners could wreak havoc on millions of households with one hack.

LG issued an update to IoT software on September 29, 2017. If you received notice of the update, or own an LG IoT device or appliance, consider following the notice and update the software on your appliance.