I am from Wisconsin, so I am a Badger fan. Actually a double Badger fan, as I am a big fan of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) Privacy Badger.

According to the EFF’s website, Privacy Badger “is a browser extension that automatically blocks hidden third-party trackers that would otherwise follow you around the web and spy on your browsing habits.”

Third-party tracking by advertisers and websites is wide spread and is done with “cookies.” This is when they track your browsing activity without your consent, knowledge or control.

Privacy Badger is designed “to end non-consensual browser tracking and promote responsible advertising…[and] encourages advertisers to treat users respectfully and anonymously.” The goal is for participating sites to agree not to retain any information about users who have said they don’t want to be tracked.

I am going to heed their advice and “[D]ownload Privacy Badger now to take a stand against tracking and join the movement to build a more privacy-friendly web.” You might consider using it as well, if you want to limit the tracking of your browsing history.