It is hard to stay focused after election night.

Since the new administration has a dearth of plans, here are some tips for it to get a jumpstart on cybersecurity priorities.

The cybersecurity priorities for the new administration should include:

  • helping U.S. companies combat hacking by foreign governments, including through investigative and diplomatic efforts (and yes, that includes Russia);
  • providing a centralized and sophisticated platform for public-private sharing of cyber intrusions, along with rapid response and assistance to stop the heist of U.S. companies’ intellectual property and personal data and to prevent other companies from becoming victims;
  • implementing better practices around the protection of U.S. government employee data, as well as citizens’ data, including the IRS;
  • accelerate the implementation of the Privacy Shield to help companies compete in the global economy;
  • promote educational programs from K-12 to address the present dearth of cybersecurity talent in the U.S.;
  • increase resources to prosecute hackers and criminals and bring them to justice as a deterrent;
  • educate members of Congress on the risks to assure appropriate resources are devoted to protecting data to prevent a cyber war.

Cybersecurity should be a top priority for the new administration. Whether it will be remains to be seen.