If you don’t wear contacts now, you may want to start thinking about wearing some if (and when) Sony patents and releases its smart contact lens. Sony has officially filed a patent for smart contact lenses which would allow the ‘user’ the ability to record and play back video. The patent references the ability of the lens to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, and allow you to flick through different commands by blinking your eye, such as taking photos. Yes–with a blink of your eye. The lens will be able to differentiate between the conscious and unconscious blink of your eye by the duration of the blink. But what could a camera in your contact lens possibly be able to do? Well, Sony says that it will have the ability to adjust the zoom, focus and aperture.

Additionally, because the lens features a built-in storage unit, the ‘user’ will be able to play back videos on its own display screen so you can view moments of your life simply by closing your eyes.

The patent has not yet been reviewed, so the actual availability of this lens is not yet certain. We are not even sure how much of the technology actually exists at this point. But Sony isn’t the only one filing these type of patents, last month, Samsung and Google have similar patents up their sleeves.  The privacy implications for this product are vast; if you could record a conversation or enter a facility that holds proprietary information or trade secrets without anyone knowing you are actually recording what you are viewing, it could become a very big problem. We will see what the future has in store