This week, Senator Ed Markey and Senator Richard Blumenthal sent letters to 18 automakers requesting an update on vehicle-to-vehicle communications’ (V2V) privacy and security. The Senators are seeking information on each automakers’ “efforts to protect the privacy and security of the cars [they] sell[ ].” Back in December 2013, the Senators had sent letters to the same automakers to gather “information about the technologies and capabilities of new vehicles as well as efforts to protect consumer privacy and security.” This new request for information letter seeks “an update to the information you provided regarding your company’s protections against threat of cyber-attacks or unwarranted invasions of privacy” within automobiles. The Senators also request that the automakers supply information on “any changes to [the] company’s vehicle fleet or characteristics, policies, practices and experiences.”

The Senators introduced the Security and Privacy in Your (SPY) Car Act back in July 2015, hoping to spark the interests of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to set forth federal standards for privacy and security of V2V communications. This second set of request for information letters merely adds to the ongoing efforts of the Senators to protect consumers’ privacy and safety on the roads.

Responses are due by October 16, 2015. We will keep you updated on the response and report from the automakers. For now, keep driving.