The maritime industry is not immune from cybersecurity risks. Navigation, product supplies and deliveries, radar systems and GPS systems are all digital and connected in today’s world, and can be subject to hacking and intrusions.

Voyage data recorders (VDRs) are connected to essential parts of a ship’s navigational and safety systems, including radar, ECDIS and

Following the issuance of Plymouth University Maritime Cyber Threats Research Group study on the risk of cyber threats [view related post], the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) recently issued a warning to shipping and maritime companies to “be vigilant to the potential commercial impact that cyber-attacks can cause.”

In particular, the warning alerted the industry

A study published by Plymouth University’s Maritime Cyber Threats Research Group indicates that maritime vessels are at risk for cyber-attacks as many have outdated software and are not designed with cybersecurity in mind.

A cyber-attack on a vessel could target the navigation and propulsion systems and the cargo-related functions. The results of a cyber-attack could