If you didn’t get to watch “60 Minutes” on Sunday and see the “Five Eyes” warn us all about China, put it on your list to watch soon.

The Five Eyes are the intelligence leaders of five allied countries: U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. I have never seen all five together before and it was daunting.

According to the segment (which you should still watch), China poses the largest risk and an “unprecedented threat” to the five allied countries, through a threat to innovation in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, theft of intellectual property, and theft of personal information of Americans. On my own soapbox, that would include the use of TikTok which is a national security threat.

 The Five Eyes are reaching out to the public to educate us on the threat of China to our national security. This is a highly unusual move, but one that is overdue as millions of Americans continue to view the threat as existential and not relevant to their TikTok dance videos. Wake up—when spy agencies have to educate us, there is a dire need.

Take heed of this well-written editorial by Matthew Brooker of Bloomberg and watch the 60 Minutes interview.

It is a matter of national security.