I was preparing to teach my next privacy law class on the subject matter of online privacy, when I discovered a good article (though in full disclosure, it is an ad) on protecting your privacy and personal information online. I have written about different ways to protect your privacy during online activities, but since technology is ever changing, I thought it was a good opportunity to remind readers about ways to protect your privacy while engaging in online activities.

The article, “How to Protect Your Personal Information & Privacy Online,” reminds us that “2023 has been the worst year ever for online privacy. In just the first six months of the year, 1,393 data breaches leaked private and personal data from over 156 million Americans.” It provides a basic outline of 12 steps you can take to be more mindful of the data you are sharing online, and how to “take some simple steps” to improve and enhance your data privacy and security. Though I am not touting the tool that the ad features, I agree that the 12 steps are a good basic outline to follow to limit the amount of data that is disclosed and potentially compromised online.