To kick off the twentieth annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has announced that CISA and the National Cybersecurity Alliance will “focus on ways to “Secure Our World”  by educating the public on how to stay safe online. Secure Our World is a theme that CISA will focus on throughout the next year “as we work to drive behavioral change around core cybersecurity habits by providing everyone with the knowledge and tools they need.”

To start, CISA “challenged everyone to help secure our world by adopting four simple steps that everyone can take to stary safe online:”

  • Use strong passwords
  • Turn on multifactor authentication
  • Recognize and report phishing
  • Update software.

These tools are free and available to all of us. I urge all of our readers to take advantage of these tools and frequently visit CISA’s website to participate in Secure Our World and protect yourself and those around you. I also urge you to spread the word in your sphere of influence so we can all do our part in making online activities safe.