In its continued effort to keep the industry apprised of threats facing companies in the U.S., CISA recently issued a Cybersecurity Advisory: 2022 Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities that is helpful to get up to speed on top threats, emerging threats, and intelligence of vulnerabilities being exploited by threat actors. It also provides recommendations to reduce the risk of compromise by threat actors that is important for information technology teams to implement.

The Advisory lists the “top 12 vulnerabilities the co-authors observed malicious cyber actors routinely exploiting in 2022.” The vulnerabilities are specifically listed by CVEs for organizations to review and confirm that mitigation efforts have been taken by their organization.

Many of the vulnerabilities listed in the Advisory continue to be exploited, so patching to mitigate the risk, and confirming that patching has been completed, is essential. It is worth taking a close look at the Advisory to confirm that the listed vulnerabilities have been mitigated.