Hackers are always looking for the next opportunity to launch attacks against unsuspecting victims. According to Cybersecurity Dive, researchers at Proofpoint recently observed “a phishing campaign designed to exploit the banking crisis with messages impersonating several cryptocurrencies.”

According to Cybersecurity Dive, cybersecurity firm Arctic Wolf has observed “an uptick in newly registered domains related to SVB since federal regulators took over the bank’s deposits…” and “expects some of those domains to serve as a hub for phishing attacks.”

This is the modus operandi of hackers. They use times of crises, when victims are vulnerable, to launch attacks. Phishing campaigns continue to be one of the top risks to organizations, and following the recent bank failures, everyone should be extra vigilant of urgent financial requests and emails spoofing financial institutions, and take additional measures, through multiple levels of authorization, when conducting financial transactions.

We anticipate increased activity following these recent financial failures attacking individuals and organizations. Communicating the increased risk to employees may be worth consideration.