Russia-linked ransomware gang Clop has claimed that it has attacked over 130 organizations since late January, using a zero-day vulnerability in the GoAnywhere MFT secure file transfer tool, and was successful in stealing data from those organizations. The vulnerability is CVE-2023-0669, which allows attackers to execute remote code execution.

The manufacturer of GoAnywhere MFT notified customers of the vulnerability on February 1, 2023, and issued a patch for the vulnerability on February 7, 2023.

HC3 issued an alert on February 22, 2023, warning the health care sector about Clop targeting healthcare organizations and recommended:

  • Educate and train staff to reduce the risk of social engineering attacks via email and network access.
  • Assess enterprise risk against all potential vulnerabilities and prioritize implementing the security plan with the necessary budget, staff, and tools.
  • Develop a cybersecurity roadmap that everyone in the healthcare organization understands.

Security professionals are recommending that information technology professionals update machines to the latest GoAnywhere version and “stop exposing port 8000 (the internet location of the GoAnywhere MFT admin panel).”