I have written about the privacy concerns of facial recognition technology many times before [view related posts].

Many individuals are unaware of how facial recognition technology works, who is collecting their facial geometry, and how their biometric information is being used and disclosed.

The Texas Attorney General sued Meta Platforms (fka Facebook) this week, alleging that Facebook violated a Texas law requiring those collecting biometric identifiers such as facial geometry to inform users of the collection, obtain consent to collect it, and to protect and delete it.

The Complaint is a lesson on how facial recognition technology works, and, in particular, how the AG alleges Facebook collects, uses, discloses and sells it, all of which can impact users. It is interesting and informative and worth a read.

Technology can be intimidating. Accessing easy-to-understand resources that explain how technology works in our everyday lives is valuable. Check out the AG’s Complaint and this article to learn more.