Threat actors don’t wait for a convenient time to attack your company. They attack when it suits them, and when they can find any small opening. Being prepared for different types of attacks helps companies prepare for their response before the attack happens. 

More and more companies are testing their incident response plans by conducting tabletop exercises. They are very powerful and informative. A tabletop is most effective when executives attend and participate, and when no one in the company is prepared for the simulated scenario.

Responding to a cyber incident is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. No two incidents or responses are exactly the same. Different people on the incident response team have different roles depending on the type of the incident. Running through different scenarios and determining who will take the lead on certain parts of the incident and having a game plan in place means that you will be more prepared if or when an attack occurs.

Attacks won’t stop just so you can find the time to schedule a tabletop drill. Don’t wait: complete your incident response plan and test it with a tabletop exercise now.