A new report from Beyond Identity focuses on old, but very important issues—ending  access rights to network systems by terminated employees and the rampant sharing of passwords.

According to the report, it is estimated that almost 25 percent of previous workers still have access to their former employers’ networks through work accounts. This is concerning on many levels, including the ability for former employees (especially disgruntled ones) to have access to current company data to be able to use it, disclose it, and use it against the company.

The report also highlights that many employees continue to share their passwords with their co-workers. A whopping 41.7 percent of the 1,000 companies surveyed stated that passwords are shared with colleagues, contractors, family, and friends. This statistic blew my mind.

Take away from this report: 1) don’t share your corporate password with anyone else, and educate your employees to keep their passwords secure; and 2) tune up your processes around access controls, including by terminated employees.