Many people continue to be unaware of how their data are collected, stored, used, disclosed, retained, or destroyed. As technology explodes it is hard to stay current, and educating individuals on their privacy rights has diminished.

There are many organizations devoted to educating consumers on their privacy rights and committed to teaching them about the risks and considerations for protecting their privacy. One such organization, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, continues to provide relevant and timely content on the rapidly-changing patchwork of privacy risks and rights.

I began following the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse right from its inception because it was one of the first organizations to keep a detailed list of data breaches. It started tabulating the number of records that have been breached since 2005. As of this writing, that tally according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is 11,725,045,478. And the count changes daily.

In addition to keeping track of the number of records breached, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides up-to-date articles on different topics relating to privacy, resources on discrete topics such as robocalls, employee monitoring, exercising your rights under different laws, and how new technology affects your privacy.

This  site is  user-friendly and its content is robust. It is a good place to start if you want to find out more about your privacy rights.