In the category of “you can’t make this up but satisfyingly ironic,” it was recently reported that criminals who used the WeLeakInfo database to buy stolen credentials of individuals have had their own information compromised. It’s about time criminals get their just reward. Why would hackers treat other hackers any differently than the rest of us?

According to and CyberNews, 24,000 criminals who used WeLeakInfo to purchase and sell compromised credentials of victims are now themselves victims and their personal information is being sold on online forums. CyberNews reported that “the forum user is now selling highly sensitive information of former WeLeakInfo customers that made their illicit purchases using Stripe. The data available for sale includes their full names, IP addresses, addresses, partial credit card data, transaction dates, Stripe reference numbers and phone numbers…”

If it is being sold online, the information can also get into the hands of law enforcement, which should be a concern to the former WeLeakInfo customers, as the information should be very helpful to law enforcement.