The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently warned financial professionals that imposters are attempting to collect personal information of investors by spoofing financial professionals’ websites, reaching out to investors, and directing them to the fake websites.

The spoofers are able to go on a financial professional’s website or page, copy and paste the picture of the professional, the background of the professional and the experience and educational background of the professional. Once they copy the information, they set up a new website and paste the information into the fake website.

Investors are contacted and directed to the fake website, and they believe that it is real. Once the investor is directed to the fake website, the spoofer requests that the investor provider personal information through the website, which will be used to commit fraud.

FINRA suggests that financial professionals frequently check for websites using their name, or the name of their employees and preemptively warning investors. If a fake website is located, the firm or individual should contact the FBI, Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA.