It is being reported that LifeLabs, a Canadian lab company that is the largest provider of laboratory diagnostics and lab testing services in Canada, recently paid an undisclosed ransom to hackers who compromised its computer system that housed patient lab data. The hackers apparently compromised the system, exfiltrated data and demanded that the company pay the ransom to obtain access to the data.

According to FierceHeatlhcare, the compromised database included personal and health information of over 15 million customers, who primarily reside in Ontario and British Columbia. The information the hackers accessed included patient names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, login and password information health insurance card numbers and laboratory test results. LifeLabs has confirmed that the information was exfiltrated by the intruders.

LifeLabs notified the Privacy Commissioners in Ontario and British Columbia that the breach occurred on November 1, 2019. Those regulators are investigating the incident.