Beginning in 2016, the computer hacking organization known as “The Dark Overlord,” began to target victims in the St. Louis, Missouri area, including various health care providers, several accounting firms, and a medical records company.  By remotely accessing these victims’ computer networks without authorization, The Dark Overlord was able to obtain sensitive records and information, which it then threatened to release unless the companies paid a ransom in bitcoin.

Following a lengthy investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and British authorities, United Kingdom national Nathan Wyatt was extradited to the United States and appeared before a federal district court in eastern Missouri on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, to face charges of aggravated identity theft, threatening damage to a protected computer, and conspiracy.  While Wyatt is the first member of The Dark Overlord to face prosecution, government officials have expressed a hope that this will signal to other cyber hackers targeting American companies that they will not be able to use territorial borders to evade justice and prosecution by the United States.