As most of you know, I rarely download an app. However, here’s one I just downloaded and here’s why. The Jumbo Privacy app, available in the App Store, is all about providing consumers with a way to audit their privacy and learn whether and how their information might have been compromised.

A cool thing about the Jumbo Privacy app is that it doesn’t collect your data and disclose it to others. The technology performs the audit right on your device and the data stay on your device. Consumer protection and privacy is the primary goal. What a new concept for an app.

After downloading the app, it gave me several choices to complete an audit—Google, Facebook, Dark Web, Twitter, and Alexa. Only two of them were relevant to me, so I launched those two audits. What was really concerning were the results of the Dark Web audit.  According to that audit, data linked to my email address have been compromised four times by companies I have never even heard of. I have not done business with these companies and don’t know what they do—although I will be researching them shortly.

What was even more concerning was that one of the companies had highly sensitive information about me, including credit status, date of birth, financial investments, home ownership, income level, net worth, telephone numbers and physical addresses—all of which was compromised. I didn’t get notification of the compromise from these companies because these data elements are not included in breach notification laws. The nagging questions for me are how did they get this highly personal information and why did they have it? Who disclosed it to them, and with whom did they share it? And now it’s on the dark web because they didn’t protect it?

After seeing the results of my audit, I turned on the alert feature of Jumbo Privacy. Right now, my blue Jumbo elephant is sleeping soundly in the hammock, but just minutes ago, it was chaos.

Consider a Jumbo Privacy audit for yourself so you can take control of your data and your privacy.