Last week, Reno, Nevada-based Flirtey introduced its new delivery drone – the Flirtey Eagle. This new drone was created to deliver packages to customers in less than 10 minutes, operate in 95 percent of potential wind speeds and weather conditions, and deliver its contents by lowering a tether while the drone is suspended in air. Once the package has been successfully delivered, it retracts its tether and is off. The Flirtey Eagle is controlled by an autonomous software platform and fits in one parking space in order to make it easily scalable for door-to-door delivery. Flirtey CEO Matthew Sweeny said, “Flirtey’s technology has unique capabilities unavailable from any other aircraft manufacturer to enable first movers to capture market share in their industries. [Its] latest technology makes the life-saving and commercial drone delivery to homes in the United State an imminent reality.” This delivery technology was first developed from NASA’s drone program and builds upon technologies developed from previous-generation aircraft. With growing concern for the impact cars and trucks have on our environment, it is likely more and more drones such as Flirtey’s will be introduced to the market and taking to the skies. Look out above.