New malicious malware dubbed “Gustuff” targets big banks, fintech companies and cryptocurrency apps, according to the security firm Group IB.

According to Group IB, which discovered Gustuff on hacker forums, the new malware is affecting Android devices and is “a mobile Android Trojan, which includes potential targets of customers in leading international banks, users of cryptocurrency services, popular ecommerce websites and marketplaces.”

The malware is reported to have completely-automated features that can steal files and cryptocurrency from user accounts “en masse.” Incredibly evil, it uses the Accessibility Service, which is intended to assist people with disabilities.

According to Group IB, the malware is targeting more than 100 banking apps, including 27 in the United States. “Gustuff infests Android smartphones through SMS with links to malicious Android Package (APK) files…at the server’s command Trojans spread further through the infected device’s contact list or the server database….It is able to autofill fields in legitimate mobile banking apps, cryptocurrency wallets and other apps.”

If you have an Android smartphone, consider reading more about Gustuff here: