Players of the popular Fortnite video game have filed a proposed class action suit against the video game’s owner, Epic Games Inc. (“Epic”) alleging that Epic failed to protect players’ accounts, allowing hackers access to their payment details in a 2018 data breach. According to the suit, the players gave Epic their payment information in order to purchase “Vbucks,” which is the currency used while playing Fortnite. The suit alleges that Vbucks, considered digital currency, were stolen and that the hackers were also able to access players’ Fortnite accounts.

The suit states that Epic failed to use a “basic precautionary technical measure” that would have prevented the theft of the security tokens that allowed the hackers unauthorized access to the players’ Fortnite accounts. The players allege that the failure to provide adequate security measures exposed their credit and debit card numbers, and allowed the hackers to access in-game conversations among Fortnite players.

The suit alleges that Epic failed to notify the millions of affected players of the compromise within a reasonable time, and alleges violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practice Act, breach of contract, breach of implied contract and negligence.