Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed a $2.8 million fine against HobbyKing for allegedly marketing to amateur drone operators non-compliant models of devices used to relay video feed from the drones. Specifically, HobbyKing, a Hong Kong-based drone distributor, allegedly markets drones that transmit video in unauthorized radio frequency bands, and operate at excessive transmission power levels. The FCC says that this type of transmission could interfere with key government and public safety services such as aviation systems and weather radar systems.

This proposed fine stems from complaints to the FCC regarding these transmissions, which led to an investigation into the company’s marketing of radio frequency devices to consumers. The FCC issued a formal citation warning HobbyKing that it must comply with the FCC’s requirements. The law requires that HobbyKing respond to the FCC’s orders after being warned, but HobbyKing did not provide any response. This failure led to the issuance of a $2,861,128 fine. HobbyKing will be given an opportunity to respond, and the FCC will consider the submission, evidence and legal arguments before acting further to resolve this matter.

To view the official Notice of Apparent Liability issued to HobbyKing by the FCC click here.